Our love and trust in WINGO grows multiple folds by every program we deliver.

Our biggest take-aways are words like this, 'I had never expected that we would be introduced to such level of gamified learnings in a virtual setup, many thanks to the team', quoted a young participant.

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Last week, I was running a session for 60 graduate students from St. Xaviers College, Kolkata. While they wanted something fun and engaging, they also wanted to drive home the message of collaboration, creativity, planning & execution. They had very less time so some of our concepts were not an option as it takes longer to deliver those. We decided to modify one of our existing concepts called 'Wingo - A game of skill & lot of thrill'. Very briefly - In Wingo, you have to slot numbers in a certain configuration and for every move you make you get points, the one who scores maximum points, wins the challenge. We quickly made some changes in the game mechanics, although it is played individually, we altered it to be played in teams. 1. We increased the time to slot those numbers so we see more arguments, conflicts and competitiveness 2. We gave them some planning time and allowed them to pause the game in between for two minutes for them to evaluate their progress 3. We also gave them a report at the end, which helped them analyse their team's performance This generated so much excitement among the participants and it led to very effective debrief with some very tangible takeaways for them. All this was possible because of the agile team at The Board Game Co . Proud to be associated with the team that is always looking out for creating awesome experiences for the clients.