Diwali Concepts 2019

DIWALI Concepts by TBGC

Get everyone together in office to bring in the festive feels through highly innovative and engaging fun-filled games this Diwali.

With this unique and enthralling Diwali Mela make the celebration at work more eventful for all your employees, engaging them in the enthralling combination of various Diwali theme unique game stations which will excite and cater to every type of employee.


Varied Game Stations with enticing concepts will for sure fill the room with laughter and a spirit of celebrations.


We’ve done what’s never been done before and what’s better way to celebrate Diwali other than actual modern board games themed on Diwali itself.

While the participants have a great time, bond with each other, celebrate the festivities, they also get a chance to learn more about Ramayan and its significance of Diwali.


All the characters of Ramayan come alive in our specially themed Diwali games. The biggest takeaway from our themed games are that you are not only playing and having fun, but you also get to learn the roots of the festival.


Do you believe that all the card games ever have already been invented and done? WELL, guess again. Diwali celebrations are definitely incomplete without card games, but that doesn’t mean we have to only play 3 patti.

We have designed and created some extremely fun, modern twist to actual card games which for sure will sweep the participants off their feet. 100% no gambling in our game, still twice as exciting as the crowd favourites.


Our showstopper and a team game. All the participants get to play this game together, no participants restrictions at all.

Gamisthan is modern medley of Quiz and Tambola. Gamisthan comes with a fun buzzer based Quiz and the traditional housie with a twist. The group will be divided into teams and the teams will then compete against each other. Each participant will also be given a ticket which can be only crossed while the quiz is on.

Strictly no G.K. questions in our version of the quiz. The answers are actually quite easy, we’ve have made it in a way that each and every participant would know the answer. It is all about how well you can co-ordinate with your team and be the first one to press the buzzer.

Example of a Question- (The answer should have a color in it): Q. Name of a Cake?  Simple. Fun. Fast paced.


Rangoli is the essence of Diwali. To keep the tradition alive and also as a part of the BIG TAKEAWAY during the festivities, we have gamified Rangoli.

We believe that Diwali should be celebrated with everyone and Rangoli making doesn’t have to be gender biased. Hence, our version gets everyone involved, it is more engaging, fun and you get to take away your creations.

We will divide the group in teams and further into smaller teams of 2. Each team will be handed their own canvas and set of colors for their Rangoli. However, not only they will have to do a good job on their own canvas, but later all the canvases will be joined together to make a ONE BIG Rangoli. This can later be displayed on the entrance of your organization.

This activity teaches about collaboration and also gets everyone in the spirit of the festivity.

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