Making Students Better Decision Makers!

"Play is the first step to learn, how to learn."

The Why

Our ever changing and challenging world requires students, our future citizens, to go beyond the building of their knowledge capacity; they need to develop higher order thinking skills like critical thinking skills, decision making and problem solving as opposed to the lower order one’s which focus on mere remembering, understanding and applying. Unfortunately our current education institutes are still focusing on lower order thinking skills than higher order thinking skills.

The What

Emerge as a program has adapted and designed a curriculum that not only promotes the importance of having these higher order skills, but also teaches students the applicability of these skills. Emerge is a life skills development program designed by Psychologists, Educators and Game Experts to compliment academics with skill building.  Through fun and exciting modern board games, we foster cognitive learning, collaboration, critical and integrative thinking, and a bias toward action and experimentation.

Emerge, focuses on improving cognitive skills of students, attention and focus, build a growth mindset, developing not just IQ but EQ as well. Teaching them how to be empathetic, sharing growth with your peers, learning to question, to open up and also to be honest with one’s self. All of this is a part of social intelligence.

The How

Research proves that play is a powerful tool to engage students in 21st century. Play provides a premise to students to be at their natural best because they are absolutely enjoying what they are doing. Emerge uses this to its advantage, as play provides you instant gratification in a safe environment the learning from the process is likely to stick on better and tighter than the conventional methods. The process also aids in drawing an evaluation of the child, based on the child’s performance. Our team of facilitators evaluate the students, map their strengths, their weaknesses, providing a detailed progressive report to the parent. We are thus proud of the personalized touch that Emerge has given to its curriculum.


Duration and eligibility

  • Emerge is a 3 Level program, 30 hours of learning. Each level has 5 sessions, 2 hours each.
  • Students from 4th to 10th grade can enroll.
  • Students per batch: 12-24

Facilitation and Learning tools

  • 1 facilitator for every 6 students. The facilitators not only guide the students during gameplay and learning but also evaluate them over set criteria throughout the level.
  • Modern board games (4 per level), additional activities, and HW assessments aligning with real-life scenarios.
  • Emerge learning manual per level


  • Emerge Kit- Emerge Learning manual, 1 Board game per level to take home, Badges.
  • Certificate.
  • Evaluation report after every level along with one to one parent facilitator interaction
Emerge Today

Emerge stands proud to have over
9000 happy kids and parents as a part of the program.

With centers across Mumbai, Chennai, Guwahati, and Jabalpur nationally and in Dubai, internationally, Emerge is emerging every day. Offering a flexible curriculum, Emerge has collaborated with schools as a Learning Partner to provide play-based learning, enabling in building 21st Century Skills in students.

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