The couple saw the importance of stress management – TBGC Featured in Founder India

Krunal and Jill Veera – The Board Game Co.

Featured in Founder India 

Krunal was an investment banker and Jill worked for Viacom. The couple saw the importance of stress management. And found board games as a perfect solution for corporate & family bonding. They started The Board Game company that offers strategically designed board games in offices. The games are designed to help in stress management and gain excellent mental health in a fun manner.

The couple said that they curate games from all over the world and aim to give people better relationships at work. Alongside, build empathy between teams and departments. They launched their company from their home in June this year. The duo worked with smart interns and build more than 75 games each with a different theme and design that tells a story. The couple believes that the games will also give the employees a much-needed break whenever required and aim to help develop necessary skill sets.

Krunal and Veera aim at setting up official programmes of skill enhancement using board games for both corporates and children. Krunal stated that this venture will help develop intellectual and creative thinking while enhancing an individual’s concentration and attention spans. The games will also undoubtedly teach the players the importance of teamwork.

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