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We are the pioneers in the field of Corporate Engagement and Training through the world of Board Games

Next-Gen Board Games provide the perfect platform to engage employees in an innovative and highly engaging way.


Full on fun: Playing games and participating in activities gives one an opportunity to share, laugh and have fun. In this session we get in highly engaging and fun games. Playing for the sheer joy of it nourishes the soul and lightens the heart.

Escape Room: In this concept participants are stuck in a room. With limited time on hand they need to search the scene, combine objects and solve riddles to find their escape code. All of this is played through a table top game.

Bazaar: In this concept we take the participants back to the 1900s, where we did not have BSE. It was time where people gathered at one place to trade. This game recreates the chaos, noise and fish market that would result from trading.

Lateral thinking & communication: The games will require participants to think out of the box, draw analogies between disparate ideas and enhance communication

Problem solving & decision making: These games will test participants ability to solve problems, make crucial calculated decisions, manage resource, plan and be dynamic.

Ancient Games: This program will take participants to a completely different era where they will compete with one another over ancient games which has its base in the Indian Vedas or the Greek civilization BC. We try to get the feel and learning of that time on the table.

Domino Effect: A chain reaction activity that encourages creativity, precision and planning, critical thinking and team building. It promotes the understanding that each small positive or negative decision taken by each employee can snowball into a much bigger phenomenon, thus each and every individual involved is an important part of the company

Outdoor Clue Hunt and Treasure Hunt activities/ Rat Race Chase: Be it an offsite or a day trip picnic, engage your employees with mind-boggling but fun outdoor activities that will not only promote a fun bonding experience, but also boosts ability to work under deadlines, critical and lateral thinking and innovation of creative solutions to solve puzzles and problems that lead you to the final destination/prize.

Yoga: We offer a mix of both the conventional and new age yoga methods. From RigYoga methods to instant work station yoga we do it all depending on the requirement.The Fun unconventional way to being healthy- We get you some fun, away from the basic workout sessions to keep the sweat high but boredom out of the bay.

  1. a) Work Station Yoga b) Beer Yoga c) Yoga dance d) Yin Yang Yoga

Swing it: A session to shed some calories the Bollywood way. From iconic signature steps to some bhangra and garba, you name it and we have it all.

  1. Zumba Day Workshop
  2. Bolly Dazz
  3. Masala Bhangra

Programs we incorporate:

  1. Employee Engagement Program
  2. Training Program
  3. Stand Alone Sessions
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