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We, at The Board Game Co, provide the most innovative and engaging experiences across all age groups from 8-70 + years without any language or gender barriers. We have a new and the most trendiest concept across the globe.  We introduce you all to some NextGen Board Gaming which involves ton of fun and improving organic relationships.

Under the social sector, we aim at getting people together breaking their bonds with technology for a while, more of a digitital detoxification session. Stress, is the most common atrocious and unfavorable situation of today. We aim at eliminating that through highly engaging, fun, and innovative sessions of thorough NextGen board gaming.

Board games are a great way to bond, be it for families, or for any associative groups. For Families, it is a great way to bond and communicate, keeping their worries aside and indulging in hours of gaming.

For associations, it perhaps is the perfect way to break the ice for all of its members. Board gaming not only brings people together, but also helps to build better relationships through fun, unique, and a never-like-before experience.

We host all kinds of social get togethers which involve:

  • Parties,
  • Club meets,
  • Weddings,
  • Associations,
  • Family functions,
  • Social groups,
  • Festivities, and any special occasions.

Our master concepts include International Board gaming sessions, fun quizzes, Telly matches and a lot more.

The majority of our events are for returning clients, or clients who heard of us through word of mouth, so we must be doing something right! The most rewarding part of our job is speaking to our clients after the event, and hearing what a great time their group had.

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