Compete To Collaborate

90 Mins


It is the age of rapid space expedition, in today's world space is the ultimate frontier. All major nations are thriving to build their dominance in the outer space. As our world heads out of the earth's orbit into to the solar system and then to other galaxy it stands to reason why we need policing in space, as long as people are people, there will be crimes. Where ever people go, crime will follow. With growing expeditions it becomes necessary to savegaurd this outer space frontier. 

Taking a que on this, a major wordly intergovenmental organization has a special trained gallatic army by the name of Guardians of Outer Space Missions Army. The primary objective of the GOSMA is to maintain law and order in the outer space.

However, you as part of GOSMA recieve a surprizing intel, a senior troop of GOSMA is planning a big coup against the organization. He/she as a double agent is working against the GOSMA and is tasked to deconstruct a nation's cosmic work station inorder to create outer space war. The mole's identity remains a mystery, but we have managed to spot his/her hideout. 

In this mission you as GOSMA are on a two-fold objective, to trace the mole down and derail the blast mission before it starts an unfortunate, petrifing gallatic war amongst the super powers. It rests upon you to uphold the peace and order in space, are you up for the challenge?

  • Physical experience + Seamless tech platform

  • Elevated team interaction and co dependency

  • Working towards one goal, collaborative team experience 

  • Time bound, high on engagement



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