Mayor Ralph is enraged as his once world renowned master city is in complete state of mayhem. The city ranking has fallen from top 3 to a poor 39 amongst the 45 cities of the state, due to the massive rise in felony and crimes in the city. The pandemonium is out of hands, to settle the unrest the Mayor has called for an immediate action of the Police Force to eradicate all the crime in a day before the next crime polls are put out.

You as the Police Force are tasked to take up specific missions to solve crime and punish the culprits. You will be assigned a Police station, with a Station Officer, Patrol Officers and a team of detectives to look for the scenes on the giant city map. A hefty prize sum and rank promotions are up as bait for the station who do the most work in limited time.

The game takes an interesting route when the teams have to decide whether they want focus on their missions only to gain alluring rewards or unconditionally work together as the City Police Force and ensure the ultimate objective is met.

Will you ensure your Police Station outshines the other or transcends further to make your city crime free?

  • Massive life size city map

  • Inter and cross functional team work

  • Tech enabled platform

  • High engagement



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