Live your Bollywood dream!

90-120 Mins


The challenge moves through the different stages of film making - ideating, scripting, shooting and editing. The excitement is contagious as each team screens their

masterpiece for the rest of the group. It’s fun. It’s funny. Plus, you can literally stand back and watch people loosen up, genuine smiles bubbling to the surface. The Movie provides excellent value because is provides an afternoon of team building AND great entertainment.

The movies could be around some organisational topics that you would want to drive in a fun and non-obtrusive manner. In the editing stage, teams are provided with a high tech editing platform. Here, from video ideas to background music to effects, the platform gives you the ability to play around.

Moviemaking later culminates into an Screening & Awards ceremony where the movies are screened and best actors, actresses, storytellers et al. are awarded!

  • Collaborative team effort, work as an creative film unit

  • High tech platform enabling the collating clips and editing tools

  • Plan, act, showcase and even enjoy other movie screenings as an spectator



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