Analytical Thikinng & Mutual Dependency



Uphold the past, protect the future, most importantly enjoy the present', you pledge aloud with your fellow mates at the Happytude Savers meet.

The club summoned your committee to share an important case.

You receive a shocking intel; it puts the party plans of millions in jeopardy...

Classified information: A grumpy man who is inherited with abundant wealth is rather unhappy with things opening up in the post pandemic world! We can't name him yet, let's call him Mr. Joy Killer; he has no family or friends, he prefers to stay alone. It is unclear, though it seems like he hates people, parties and festive cheers.

A handwritten note from Mr. Joy Killer is found, 'The last 18months I was at peace, with the world slowing down their party spree. Why, must I suffer to hear again the hustle bustle and the glee, I must stop Celebrations from coming! I pledge to kill the iconic NYE Celebrations, all around the mega world cities...'

Your committee fumes at hearing the possible threat, you are determent to save the global New Year celebrations.

Times running out, will your team and you be successful in restoring the hopes and party plans of millions?

  • Collaborative team challenge

  • Highlights the significance of effective leadership and team presence

  • Provides a fun unified platform for teams to come together and engage



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