60-90 Mins


21st Century will be the century of women; we have heard this bygone phrase in scripts enough, but now is the time to witness it in action! Women today are shining bright across sectors, professions and industries. Furthermore, there are women who are doing the unthinkable, achieving the impossible, by each passing day.

Research institutes are convinced that a number of women in this century have a genetic modulation that makes them into a super human!

Taking the lead on this, some global iconic women teamed up to join a secret service to introspect and analyse the secret ingredient that one could have which makes a super human!

While they were on the end of their task to unveil the secret recipe, a giant research company abducted these women, in order to keep the recipe a secret and use it to their selfish advantage!

Your team is tasked to thus rescue one of these iconic women and unveil the secret recipe. But your team is not alone. Other teams alongside yours, are also too trying to rescue one of the other 5 women, in hopes of discovering the big secret.

Will your team be able to successfully rescue one of the iconic women you've been mapped to, and unveil their secret recipe?

  • Collaborative team challenge

  • Highlights the significance of effective leadership and team presence

  • Provides a fun unified platform for teams to come together and engage



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