Analytical Thinking and Mutual Dependency



Kris Kringle here, the infamous Father Christmas - but you can call me Santa Claus. It's a magical time of the year full of kindness and giving, good food, presents, and toys for all of the boys and girls around the world. It's my job to bring holiday cheer around the world, but this year, I need your help, or Christmas may be lost forever. I'm sorry to report that I have been kidnapped! A group of greedy corporate toy makers got together this year and hatched a grinchy plan to overthrow the North Pole Toy Workshop. To force the North Pole Workshop to shut down, they have snatched me away from my suit and sleigh, and hidden me in a secret location. How will I escape?

With me gone, the grinchy toymakers will be free to charge outrageous prices for their flimsy mass-produced toys, destroying the magic of Christmas for boys and girls everywhere. We must not let this happen! Please come to find me... Otherwise this year, there will be no Christmas joy, no toys, and no fun!

Please save Christmas, please save me... I am counting on you.

Ho Ho Ho! Good luck!

  • Collaborative team challenge

  • Highlights the significance of effective leadership and team presence

  • Provides a fun unified platform for teams to come together and engage



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